Watch The Very Funny UK Trailer For Irish Comedy The Stag


When you rather not  go on your Stag Do but a Hen you’ll have  to get in touch with your  masculine side , watch the UK trailer for the very funny The Stag but what is more of a pitfall? Marriage or Stag Do?!

The Stag is the directorial debut for John Butler (Your Bad Self) a touching comedy about male friendship. Self-confessed metrosexual Fionan (Hugh O’Conor) doesn’t want a Stag Do, but would happily attend the Hen. His concerned bride-to-be Ruth (Amy Huberman) persuades the marginally more macho best man Davin (Andrew Scott) to organise one. Reluctantly he agrees, while doing everything he can to stop Ruth’s infamously alpha male brother, known only as ‘The Machine’ (Peter McDonald), gatecrashing their sober, walking-weekend, excuse for a Stag Party. Not so easily foxed, ‘The Machine’ tracks them down, sparking to life a wild few days in rural Ireland where the Stags find themselves lost, shot at, stoned and butt-naked. The Stag is a hilarious and heart-warming journey of friendship, fear, male bonding, and tightly fashioned squirrel skin!

The film was an unexpected choice to play at the last Toronto Film Festival but left fans and critics alike in stitches of laughter which sounds perfect reason to check this one out. Whilst the girls cause a stir in Bridesmaids and the seniors in Last Vegas, its time for the boys balance things out and be a MAN! With BBCs Sherlock Moriarty Andrew Scott in charge what lies in store? Watch the trailer now!

The Stag arrives in UK cinemas 14th March.