The Peoples Movies 2013 Top 10 Best Movies

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2014 is finally here, it’s exciting times for all cinephiles as all those fantastic movies we’ve been reading about, watching the first footage are now a step closer to been released. Whilst where thrilled about these anticipated movies it’s also a time we all reflect on the year that’s just passed. 2013 was it a great year? Possibly when you look back at what we watched in 2012 it does look like 2013 was a good year, but how much much better will be up for debate.

Apologies for our lateness of creating our review below is our pick of  2013 movies and we know our choice some of our will agree, others may scratch their head the rest may be angry at our choices. What I must stress is the list is not in order of  how much we enjoyed each film, it’s just the movies we enjoyed better than others. Along with the Top 10  we have 10 more making the list a top 20 the second list been movies we enjoyed but found it hard for various reasons found it hard to have in top 10. There will be some missing that reason is you may find them in our other site’s top 10 over at Cinehouse.

If our choices have inspired to you in anger or in enjoyment why not share your list in the comments section below this post, as we like to say one man’s bane is another man’s heaven. Film choice is so diverse so we respect all lists.

Top 10 Movies (not in any particular order)


Alan Partridge:Alpha Papa

Cloud Atlas

Captain Phillips

Rush [review]

Nebraska [review]

Behind The Candelabra [review]

Pacific Rim [Pacific Rim]

The Hunger Games:Catching Fire [review]

Zero Dark Thirty [Review]

Prisoners [Review]

Most Notable Movies (11-20)

  1. The Place Beyond The Pines [Review]
  2. Skyfall [Review]
  3. World War Z [Review]
  4. This Is The End
  5. The World’s End [Review]
  6. Trance
  7. Gravity [Review]
  8. Django Unchained [Review]
  9. The Conjuring [Review]
  10. Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues [Review]

So what do you think? Do you agree or are you irrate? We love to know your views, so we love you to share those lists in the comments section. Below is the top 10 movies for some of the other writers at The Peoples Movies and Cinehouse

James MacLeod

  1. Post Tenebras Lux
  2. Stories We Tell
  3. The Congress
  4. Frances Ha [review]
  5. Upstream Colour [review]
  6. The Act Of Killing
  7. The Great Beauty
  8. All Is Lost [Review]
  9. A Field Of England
  10. Before Midnight [Review]

[full post here]

Ian Schultz

  1. The Zero Theorem [review]
  2. Gravity
  3. Django Unchained
  4. Only God Forgives [Review]
  5. A Band Called Death
  6. Before Midnight [Review]
  7. Mud [Review]
  8. 12 Years A Slave [review]
  9. Nebraska
  10. Behind The Candelabra / Side Effects [review]

Andrew McArthur

  1. Behind The Candelabra
  2. The Paperboy [review]
  3. Django Unchained
  4. Blue Jasmine
  5. Robot And Frank
  6. Only God Forgives
  7. Bernie [review]
  8. I’m So Excited [Review]
  9. The Butler [Review]
  10. Don Jon [Review]

Pierre Badiola (Top 13)

  1. Act Of Killing
  2. Frances Ha
  3. Zero Dark Thirty
  4. Spring Breakers
  5. Something In The Air
  6. Lincoln
  7. Beyond The Hills
  8. Levithan
  9. Blancanieves
  10. Computer Chess
  11. Paradise Love
  12. The Grandmaster
  13. To The Wonder

Matthew Walsh

  1. The great beauty
  2. Blue is the warmest colour
  3. Frances ha
  4. Blue Jasmine
  5. Thursday till Sunday
  6. Sleepwalk with me
  7. The act of killing
  8. Gimme the loot
  9. The reconstruction
  10. Class of 92