Born from death (Devil’s Due Feature)

Devils Due UK PosterSince Frankenstein and Dracula, horror movies producers and directors have been searching for new and different subjects for the terrifying stories. However, the devil was and still it is one of the main phenomena that rule the horror arena. This January a new movie, called Devil’s Due is about to premiere and disturb our minds and imaginations.

 The Devil’s Due trailer shows the story of the one who is soon to be born and it is not the life and the sacred process of pregnancy that pushes him into the world. It is the death and the evil force that makes it all happen. Devil’s Due is the plot of the one who has to be born from death.

 The movie centers on the McCall family, who just found out that they are awaiting their first baby. Zach and Samantha look really happy and excited about the process of giving life. It is a horror film so something really bad has to happen. The baby growing inside of the lovely young woman, changes everything in an evil way. As the months pass, it becomes more evident that the baby has a sinister origin that makes the mother’s body and mind darker. The soon to be mom introduces the hell in her family and in her life, changing it all in bloody colors. Dominated by such powers, a mind is not able to resist and it has to completely fulfill the desire of the one who has more strength, the one that is the devil.

 As we see in the Devil’s Due trailer, the cast includes the beautiful Allison Miller, Zach Gilford and the really talented Sam Anderson. The movie is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, who are both known for “V/H/S”.

 At the beginning of this year, do not lose the chance to watch the new terrifying movie, Devil’s Due. It will show you that the fear does not appear from nowhere, the fear is born. Like the evil baby, the fear is born from death and it comes to make us believe in the devil force, as the one that can change and destroy the lives of innocent people.

Kira Browdy

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