What To Watch Christmas & New Year TV Film Highlights



With 5 days until Christmas many of you may have the presents already so it’s time to sit down, relax wait for the big day arrive. Even If you haven’t  below is a list of films to chill out too after a hard day’s shopping but the list doesn’t end there we’ve created an extensive list lasting through Christmas and into start of 2014.

The list isn’t perfect we haven’t every new or old film  as there enough hours of the day  and others pardon the punt turkeys. So when you slumped in front of your box after your turkey dinner maybe some of these films might help enhance that festive spirit….

Saturday 21st December

Wake Wood   Horror/BBC2/0100 [our review]

other highlights… Porco Rosso (Film 4/1100), Shawshank Redemption (ITV2/2100/Also 27th December/2100)

Sunday 22nd December

My Neighbour Totoro Film 4/ 1100 [read our review]

Other Highlights…Alice In Wonderland (BBC1/1715),Scrooged (Channel 4/ 1630), Never Let Me Go (Channel 4/2225/Premiere/ read review), Grave Of The Fireflies (Film4/0100/Read Review)

Monday 23rd December

 Toy Story BBC1/1515

other highlights…Jane Eyre(BBC2/2030),Howls Moving Castle (Film4/1100), Star Trek (Film4/2100), Berberian Sound Studio(Film4/0125)

Christmas Eve, 24th December

It’s A Wonderful Life Channel 4/1310

other highlights…Toy Story 2 (BBC 1), The American In Paris(BBC2/1015), Guys And Dolls (BBC2/1350), Fantasia (BBC2/1615), The Awakening (BBC2/2325) Christmas Carol (Channel 5/1710), Planes,Trains And Automobiles (Film4/2300), Rare Exports:A Christmas Tale (Film4/0125/Read Review)

Christmas Day, 25th December

Toy Story 3 BBC1/1520/Read Review

Other Highlights…The Red Shoes (BBC2/0850),Tangled (ITV/1520), The Muppets Christmas Carol (Channel 4/ 1635/Read Review), Gone With The Wind(Channel 5/1015), Casablanca (Channel 5/1435), Spirited Away (Film 4/1245), Trollhunter (Film 4/2325)

26th December

Sightseers Film4/2100/Read Review

Other Highlights…Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 (ITV/1915/Read Review, High Society (Channel 5/1245), Meet Me In St.Louis (channel 5/1455), Wizard Of Oz(Channel 5/1715)

27th December

White Christmas Film4/1330

Other Highlights…Megamind (BBC1/1610), The Mummy (BBC2/0115)

28th December

Up BBC1/1850

Other highlights…Guns Of Navarone (BBC2/1700), Curse Of Frankenstein (BBC2/0040), Italian Job (Channel 4/1900), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Channel 4/0035), Red Hill (Film4/0035)

29th December

Easy A Film4/2100

Other Highlights…The Pirates Of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides (BBC1/2000/Read Review)

30th December

Wall-E BBC1/1445

other highlights…Mary Poppins (BBC1 /1615), The Game(ITV/2245), Dirty Dancing (Channel 5/2130)

31st December

The Godfather Film 4/2100

Other highlights…The Godfather Part 2 (Film4/0020), Ladykillers (Film 4/1310), How To Train Your Dragon(BBC1/1600)

1st January 2014

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 ITV/2000/Read review

Other Highlights…Who Framed Roger Rabbit (BBC1/1020), Sound Of Music (BBC1/1415), Kung Fu Panda 2(BBC1/1705), Gnomeo & Juliet (BBC1/1845), Shadow Of The Vampire (BBC2/0105), Big (Channel4/1610), Alien (Channel 4/0020)

2nd January 2014

Kings Speech Film4/2100/Read Review

other highlights…Arrietty (Film4/1100/Read review), Aliens (Channel4/2250)

3rd January 2013

Drive BBC2/2200/Read Review

other highlights…Alien 3 (Channel 4/0005), Doctor Zhivago (Channel5/1315), Battle Royale (Film4/0130)