Juan Antonio Bayona Returning To Horror To Direct World War Z Sequel


Despite the troubled production World War Z survived the onlslaught delivering a healthy $585 million worldwide box office  and more decent reviews than negative ones. With this it was obvious a sequel was on the cards and today we earn that a director has been chosen to take the hot seat and that man will be The Impossible director Juan Antonio Bayona.

To date World War Z is Brad Pitt‘s finest moment at the box office to date been his highest gross movie to date, the star himself spoke about the possibility of a follow up and now the ball is rolling. When you look at how  Bayona handled the Tsunami disaster elements of his last film The Impossible the choice of the Spanish director looks a solid logical choice as he does have the horror experience  behind him too with The Orphanage. Naomi Watts will vouch for the hell and after a meeting with Brad Pitt who produced World War Z Paramount look to have sealed the deal which will see Bayona not just direct he’ll have his own say on virtually all matter including overseeing the writing of the script. As the film is at early stages no writers have been picked but don’t be surprised if Bayona chips in on that part of the process too to make sure his visions will be implemented.

What may concern some people is the films actual storyline especially at  the end of the first movie we saw a scientific breakthrough for cure to the zombie virus. Will the best parts of the boos that where missing from World War Z, will they finally appear? Fans of the book will be hopeful and so are we! No word on exactly when the Zed-quel will arrive but some sites are saying possibly as early as 2016 depending on commitments.

Source: THR



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