June 8, 2023

The UK Vampire Academy Trailer Bites Into Teen Vampire Genre



If  Harry Potter was bitten by a vampire what would the franchise be like? Vampire Academy is probably gives you an insight you may desire biting teen vampire genre with a big slice of  humour.

Directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls), Vampire Academy is based on the best selling series of novels by Richelle Mead, no teen angst, magical witches nor dystopian future this film seems to deliver a big slice sarcasm. This looks a fun film trying to lose the stereotypes of previous  YA films probably thanks to the films director, so can this one succeed been labelled a ‘young adult comedy’?

Vampire Academy stars Zoey Deutch as Rose a half human mortal vampire known as Dhampirs who are training to protect the moroi vampires a as guardians against the evil evil, immortal Strigoi vampires. The training all happens under one roof at St. Vladimir Boarding School better known as Vampire Academy, the story is told from Rose’s perspective as she learns to protect her best friend Lissa (Lucy Fry) whom she has a close bond with.

Decide for yourselves, the trailer shows  Vampire Academy has a lot  styling you expect but if your missing  Twilight less emotion but more sarcasm you might find this one fang-tastic. The film co-stars Sarah Hyland, Olga Kurylenko, Joely Richardson, Gabriel Byrne with Spring 2014 the likely UK release date.

Rose and Lissa are two high school students trying to get through the normal dramas – vicious rumours, ex-boyfriends and bloodlust. Late nights and high stakes are normal at St Vladimir’s, better known as the Vampire Academy.

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