A Third Wolverine Film On The Cards, Jackman And Mangold In Talks


Whatever your thoughts where on the first Wolverine film this Summer’s sequel The Wolverine was a vast improvement and a decent box office return means a third film is on the cards. According to Deadline  Fox are in talks for Hugh Jackman to reprise Logan’s role for a seventh time as well as bringing James Mangold back onboard to direct once again.

Off course this is all rumours and even if there’s a shred of truth in this report there will be a lot of ifs and buts with one of those ifs been the approval of the potential film’s script. What that plot maybe about we don’t know at this point what it is or what it maybe about, script or no script at this point everything you’ll understand is under lock and key.

The Wolverine wasn’t a perfect but not following suit of the current trend Superhero/Comic book films and the post credit x-men: Days Of Future Past Scene is probably the best of all the Marvel post credits scenes.

With Wolverine been one of the most popular characters amongst the Marvel Universe it’s no surprise our adamantium hero is in demand, with his next appearance been in X-Men: Days Of Future Past (watch the first trailer). What story will we see another Japan esque  origins type story? More traditional one he does have nearly 40 years of back stories for Fox to potentially play with. Like Christian Bale with Batman, we cant picture another actor playing the role of  Wolverine than Hugh Jackman, he’s marked his territory and one he’s made no indication of retiring from either.With 2015 already packed to the rafters if The Wolverine 3 does go ahead 2016 looks the earliest slot for a release giving that year at least one comicbook tentpole film to look forward too, will the post credit scene be for another X-Men film or will it be Fantastic Four?


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