The Joy Of Kids In New Featurette And Clips For Nebraska


We maybe approaching the time of the year when we look back, review the year but it’s also a great time as the festival season is drawing to a close and we’ve had a glimpse at what fantastic films lie ahead for us like Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska. With the awards season slowly creeping up on us since it’s festival debut back in the summer Nebraska is a film gaining many plaudits and will be challenging for many awards net month we will get to see the film below is a new featurette along with a host of clips to remind us to add this film to our essential viewing.

Nebraska is a road movie about a strong opinionated ageing old man Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) who thinks he’s won million dollars in the state lottery. However when his estranged son David (Will Forte) has to pick up his dad from the local Police station and is Unable to convince his father the lottery is a scam. The pair head off to the state capital to to collect the winnings or prove everything’s. On the way David learns a few home truths, ghosts from the past and locals trying to cash in on Woody’s new so called fortune.

There’s nothing better than a film that delivers on great performances along with a wonderful chemistry between the lead actors Dern and Forte showcase tat very answer. It took me a while to warm to Descendants but the simplicity, the charms, the hurdles that life throws at made it a fantastic film and Nebraska looks like will continue the trend.

Nebraska will arrive in the UK cinemas from 6th December co-starring Stacey Keach, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk.We caught the film at the Leeds Film Festival so look out for our review coming shortly.


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In Alexander Payne’s “Nebraska” a father and son steer the American road comedy into a vanishing Midwest on the trail of a dubious fortune – and in search of an understanding of each other that once seemed impossible.

Stubborn, taciturn Woody (Bruce Dern in a role that won Best Actor at the Cannes Film Festival) believes he’s got one last shot at mattering: a notice that he’s the lucky winner of a million-dollar sweepstakes. To claim his fortune, Woody insists he must quickly get to the sweepstakes company’s office in Nebraska – a 750-mile journey that seems unlikely given that he can barely shuffle down the road a few blocks, at least not without stopping for a drink. Worried for his father’s state of mind, it falls to Woody’s reluctant, baffled son David (Will Forte) to accompany him on a trip that seems hilariously futile on the surface.

When Woody and David make a pit-stop in their hometown of Hawthorne – with the Grant’s tart-tongued matriarch (June Squibb) and anchor-man son (Bob Odenkirk) joining them – word of Woody’s fortune makes him a returning hero, while also opening a view into the unseen lives of David’s parents and a past more alive than he ever imagined.