Fun Facts about Mr Walt Disney

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As Walt Disney is about to be portrayed for the first time ever in Saving Mr Banks, released on 29 November 2013, we have done some research to come up with some interesting facts about the man behind all things Disney.

Walter Elias Disney was born almost 113 years ago (December 5, 1901).
Walt grew up with his family in Chicago, Illinois with his parents Elias and Flora Call Disney and brother Roy Disney.

Walt Disney was the original voice behind Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse, an iconic image of the Disney kingdom, was originally provided by Walt Disney himself. Due to being busy running the growing company and his voice being hoarsened from smoking, he handed the role over to James McDonald in 1947.
Mortimer Mouse was the original name gave to Mickey
but Walt’s wife, Lillian, thought it sounded ‘pompus’ and Mortimer was later the name of Mickey’s rival mouse for Minnie
The last two films Walt Disney had active roles in making were;
The Jungle Book, Winnie The Pooh and The Blustery Day
One urban legend states that Disney was cryonically frozen
and his frozen corpse stored beneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Disneyland – however this is nothing other than myth, Disney’s remains were cremated in December 1966

10,000 people attended the opening for Disney Land
whereas now on 47,000 people visit daily

It would take you 68 years
to sleep for one night in each of the bedrooms at the Disney World Resorts
Walt Disney sometime referred to himself as; Retlaw Elias Yensid or Retlaw Yensid
as an alias, both are his real name, only backwards. Similarly he names the sorcerer in the movie Fantasia Yen Sid, again, Disney reversed

Watch out for Saving Mr Banks that will hit UK cinemas on 29 November 2013

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