The best adventure of your life (Walking With Dinosaurs Feature)

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It is going to be the first time in the movie history when fans of animation movies will have a possibility to see and perceive the ancient and mystery world, the time when dinosaurs thrived. The new animation movie’s Walking with Dinosaurs trailer is already available. The multi-directional story line offers to experience a great adventure for people of every age. Meet the dinosaurs and be ready to feel them more real than you have ever felt. The new breathtaking 3D movie invites you to take part in a spectacular prehistoric adventure, together with the main character Patchi, his family, friends and other dinosaurs of the herd.

The action takes place during the Late Cretaceous period; three Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi, Scowler, and Juniper are inseparable and keep company with Alex the Alexornis bird, who is always very hospitable. The movie shows the life of three little dinosaurs, how they grow up and take challenges during their lifetime. Patchi is a clumsy one and gets in a bad situation at every turn. Scowler is the true inverse of his younger brother Patchi, he is brave and ready to become a leader. And the third, Juniper, a daring dinosaur, she will give anything for a new and thrilling adventure. When the rough time comes, insecure Patchi shows his courageous side and defends the herd.

The movie was directed by Neil Nightingale, the creative director of BBC Earth, the leading person of the production of feature movies, live events, big screen films, interactive audience attractions, and Digital Projects. The script was written by John Collee, a Scottish journalist and screenwriter. Thanks to recent paleontological findings filmmakers were able to introduce new and unique dinosaurs’ species and make the story more realistic by using 3D technology.

The filmmakers shot videos of fascinating landscapes in the U.S. State of Alaska and in New Zealand. The places on those locations were chosen on purpose, the nature of New Zealand and Alaska displays the environment which is mostly inherent for the dinosaurs’ surroundings.

According to the history the first dinosaurs appeared during the Triassic period, about 231 million years ago, and were singular giant living creatures for 135 million years.

The word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”, but this definition is incorrect. Dinosaurs are not lizards they are reptiles, divided into separate groups. They ruled the Earth for more than 700 000 years and according to new research it is believed that a massive meteorite which hit the earth caused their extinction.

Plunge into the world full of adventure, get yourself to know these amazing ancient creatures better, let the movie make you a part of the history. Have a good time with dinosaurs!

Kira Browdy