Judi Dench Career in Pictures


Academy Award winner Judi Dench never ceases to amaze audience and critics with her talent and success in the entertainment business. First establishing herself as a British theatre actor, it didn’t take long for her to cross over to the big screen and demonstrate her phenomenal acting talent in every role. This fall, she will once again draw viewers to the box office to watch her new film, Philomena. To mark the release of Philomena, we’re taking a look back at some of Judi’s most notable roles.


JAMES BOND (1995-2012)

Dench became a Hollywood regular due to her role as ‘M’ in the decade long film series, James Bond.  Dench was the only cast member that appeared in both the Brosnan and Craig Bond films. Her performance as a stern  woman in charge created an immensely positive buzz from critics and viewers.


MRS.BROWN  (1998)

One of Judi’s first Best Actress nominations and first recognizable role was her portrayal of Queen Victoria in Mrs. Brown.  Playing opposite Billy Connolly, the two tell the story of a scandalous romance that lead to a monarchy crisis.


With only an eight minute performance as Queen Elizabeth I in the classic movie Shakespeare in Love, Judi Dench managed to command the attention of critics and receive an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. In this short, memorable performance, Dench steals the show in only 4 small scenes. Her success just goes to show the power Dench possesses while on camera.


When a new comer arrives in a town already set in their ways, a traditional town is transformed. Armande, played by Dench, is a cranky, elderly woman at the beginning of the film, only to discover she has a heart of gold and finally mends a messy relationship with her family at the end.  Once again, Dench proves to exceed expectations in a film adapted from a novel.

IRIS (2000-2001)

The Award Winning biographical film explores the relationship of Iris Murdoch, her life-time relationship with her husband and the emotional battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Judi gave this real-life story such an accurate portrayal; it was recognized by numerous awards, including an Oscar nomination.


Judi explores her dark side in the thrilling film, Notes on a Scandal. Dench plays a disturbingly manipulative school teacher who exposes the secret affair of her co-worker (Cate Blanchett) and a 15 year old student. Her performance in this role scored her an Oscar nomination.



In one of her most emotional roles to date, Dench takes on a bittersweet, heart-warming true story about a mother searching for her lost son. The film shifts from current time to Dench’s past growing up in a convent. A struggling journalist (Steeve Coogan) helps her uncover the extraordinary truth of a story about a mother and a son she’s lost, but always loved.

Philomena opens in UK cinemas 1 November