Breaking Bad: The men responsible for its genius


AMC’s Breaking Bad has rapidly transitioned from an obscure cult-favourite to one of the most intensely anticipated TV shows of all time. Thanks to a combination of word-of-mouth, prime-time viewing slots and a team-up with Netflix, the show is one that is sure to make the history books.

The daring and fearless narrative has shocked audiences the world over as typical TV tropes are pushed to one side and new and exciting ways of telling stories are introduced. Now that the show is ending, it’s time to take a look at the men behind the success of the show.

Vince Gilligan

Creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan isn’t new to this successful TV hype – he was also partly responsible for the massively loved sci-fi show The X Files. Breaking Bad hails his return to television in a big way, with the unique idea of a chemistry teacher turned meth king pin resting upon his shoulders.

Gilligan has refused to take all of the credit for the show, choosing instead to cite his team of writers and actors as the reasons behind the success. If these ’20 most badass quotes’ by Hollywood Reporter are anything to go on, he’d be right.

Bryan Cranston

Leading the shows cast is Bryan Cranston, who takes on the role of Walter White with apparent relish. Despite being known by most as the clumsy dad Hal in Malcolm in the Middle, he’s shed that image once and for all and is considered by many to be one of the greatest working actors of his generation.

His transition from a weak, humble science teacher to one of the manliest men on TV, according to Home Wet Bar, has been a complete pleasure to watch from start to finish, and many of us could agree that TV just won’t be the same without him.

Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul isn’t just one of the most respected actors working at the moment – he’s also one of the most likeable guys in Hollywood. When he’s not meeting fans outside of his house, according to the Telegraph, he’s raising money for charity.

The character of Jesse Pinkman was never intended to have such a long run in the show, but luckily the plan changed and he has become an integral, vital part of the story. From wannabe gangster to tortured soul, Paul has successfully made the character of Jesse one of the most memorable to have ever been on TV.