A story about speed, a race in the pursuit of life

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In all probability, every fervent romantic and passionate enthusiast adores stories about the hopeless idealistic criminals, insane adventures, charismatic bastards and desperate hopes for the blind fortune. And in the depth of our souls we all are fervent romantics and passionate enthusiasts. That is why we dream of the world of adventures, some crazy feats and colossal success. Why do we dream about it? Because we are unlikely to ever find the courage to live in this kind of world, to embody a mad dream. So everything we are left to comfort ourselves with is the movies like Runner-Runner, which make us fell ourselves more alive and at least for a tiniest moment transfer us into that world of our dreams.

The Runner Runner trailer may appear to be a classical story of a charismatic looser, whose dreams and aspirations are much more massive than his abilities. But the main character of the Runner-Runner trailer, young and talented Richie (Justin Timberlake), has a gift.  He is a boy of tremendous aspirations and incomparable brilliance, who is extremely short on budget, Of course, he dreams of getting into the most prestigious the most prestigious math school and become a man, who will be worth of his talents. But the time passes and Richie still cannot find money to pay for his tuition. That is the exact moment where the Runner-Runner trailer gradually turns into a race. Richie finds a way to make some cash through the least honorable way imaginable. He starts online gambling and he shortly realizes that he is much smarter than the system. Richie runs, runs like a madmen and he cannot stop. Naturally, the main action of the Runner-Runner trailer starts after Richie has his first big loss, which makes him totally crazy. He starts a game for the highest stakes, sparing nothing and leaving no one behind. He travels to Costa Rica in a desperate attempt to challenge the most influential boss of online-gambling, hoping to get his power.  Nevertheless, the thoughtful businessman (Ben Affleck) validly decides that the fight makes no sense, and offers Richie a job he has never dreamed of instead, making him a partner and a comrade. This is where the Runner-Runner trailer becomes more like a vertiginous pursuit of some transparent goal through the rugged terrain of seduction, money, liquor, sex and power.

We all know from our life experiences, that such races have no habits of ending well for the pursuing. To know, whether the Richie was strong and fast enough, to see, who became a winner of the race for life – wait until the 25th of September, when the Runner-Runner movie will be launched in the theatres.

Kira Browdy