No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion

Mandela_UK_Poster_MandelaThe Mandela trailer is beginning of a grateful and beautiful ode to the greatest Nelson Mandela, whose greatness is indescribable, whose kindness makes him compared to God, whose graciousness makes him a man with a capital “M”. Nelson Mandela, a Nobel laureate and former president of the Republic of South Africa, throughout his whole life has proved himself to be genuine hero.

There is hardly a measure for a true hero. How do you become a national leader and the greatest politician? This is exactly the questions the Mandela trailer has answers to. How to tolerate repressions and how not to surrender in the face of the unbearable difficulties? How to carry the selfless love and tender affection through searing hatred, raging malice and endless pain? How not to lose yourself in the flames of the revolution, how to resist the temptations of evil and terror, how carry a bright flag of freedom out the ashes of oppression and injustice?

The Mandela trailer illustrates the major triumph of this remarkable man’s lifetime and the prevalent victory of his people. His war for freedom was ended in May 1994, when Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. But before the accomplishment of this victory he had long way to walk. The Mandela trailer describes the path of the freedom in South Africa, a story of a man, whose power of spirit and dignity was enough to endure the dignity of the whole country. It is a gradual description of how this hero of equality has received universal fame and became a symbol of the struggle against the racial discrimination. Nelson Mandela was willing to die for his dreams and aspirations, but the history shows that he got in prison, where he spent dozens of years in the solitary confinement on the Robben Island, where he worked on a limestone quarry and had a right to one visit and one letter in six months. Under these intolerable circumstances he never gave up, never had a single change of heart – he only became surer and surer of his beliefs. Nelson Mandela audaciously and valiantly fought for the freedom of his people, for the peace and flourishing of his country.

The Mandela trailer is essentially history in images. Maybe, it is a historical drama, maybe – biographical inscription. But for those, who are ardent at heart and faithful to the principles of that brilliant man, the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom movie is a hymn to the most precious things in human life: love, care, freedom, forgiveness, nobility, honesty and kindness.


Kira Browdy