LIFF 2013 – Give Him His Money! Watch First Trailer Nebraska

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You can say what you like about the Summer movies, most are there to merely let us leave our brains at the box office for nonsensical entertainment. Autumn or winter is when the big hitters arrive I mean the films that will challenge for Awards glory like Alexander Payne’s Nebraska and Bruce Dern wants his money watch first trailer!

In Nebraska we meet Woody Grant (Dern) a stubborn old man who thinks he’s won million dollars in the state lottery. However when his son David (Will Forte) has to pick up his dad from the local Police station he learns of his father is slowly succumbing to dementia. Unable to convince his father the lottery is a scam is offers to take his father by car to the state capital to prove he’s been scammed which starts a journey which David learns a few home truths, ghosts from the past and locals trying to cash in on Woody’s new so called fortune.

Nebraska has the dry wit and humour we expect from a Payne film blessed with some fantastic performances especially from Bruce Dern who won the Cannes best actor award this year. It’s also good to see actors renowned like Forte for comedy actually showing  they can do something a little more dramatic, better quality whilst still been funny.

Nebraska is set for a 6th December UK release date but if your heading London Film Festival next month you’ll be able to catch the film’s UK premier. The film co-stars Stacey Keach, June Squibb and Bob Odenkirk.