Watch UK Trailer For Ain’t Them Bodies Saints


Alot of times we post trailers of films we will rarely see in the UK or they’ll be forgotten about and a year or to down the line they get a straight to DVD release without anyone realising it’s been released. David Lowery‘s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints festival award winning film we told you about during Cannes next month is to get a cinematic realise and thanks to The Works we now have the film’s UK trailer.

Starring Casey Affleck, Rooney Mara Ain’t The Bodies Saints Bob Muldoon & Ruth Guthrie a young impoverished couple  who find themselves involved in a shootout with the local police.When Ruth shoot one of the police the pair give up with Bob taking the blame and is sent to jail. 4 years later Bob earns of his daughter and escapes the prison to find Ruth however she has gotten closer to a  local man Patrick Wheeler (Ben Foster), but as Bob gets closer to Ruth for an unexpected reunion might not be on the cards.

After making a name for himself with a host of independent films, Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is been ear marked for director David Lowery break out film.Probably thanks to those impressive reviews during the festival season (100% at Rotten Tomatoes) that now  the film is getting a cinematic release in UK. The trailer is a lot shorter from the trailer we showed you during Cannes but still delivers s enough substance  to take a trip to your local multiplex to see. Slow brooding character dramas, visually beautiful  are like a rarity these days and when one arrives like Ain’t Them Bodies Saints they are rare treats.

Ain’t them Bodies Saints  also stars Keith Carradine, Rami Malek and Nate Parker, with the film arriving in UK&Ireland on 6th September (16th August USA)