Watch The Oscar Worthy The Dallas Buyers Club First Trailer

One day your day will come, you will experience the lows, then the highs will come and when you sacrifice so much for the sake of your craft you deserve the recognition. This is what Matthew McConaughey career has been like, recently been on the up and now for The Dallas Buyers Club he maybe finally in line for Oscar recognition watch the first trailer now!

Set in 1985 The Dallas Buyers Club Texan free wheeling cowboy Ron Woodroof imports and sells illegal drugs, when his life was turned upside down when he was told he was HIV Positive. With his so called friends now turning against him with the 30 days he has to live Ron takes matters into his own hands by seeking alternative medicines worldwide legal (or illegally).

Whilst the storyline may not sound anything unusual what we must remember The Dallas Buyers Club is set in a era when the AIDS and HIV viruses where causing widespread panic amongst many countries who did not know how to handle this new disease.So when you drop your weight down to 47 pounds , nearly blinding yourself at the same time is true dedication this should finally be the film that get him the credit he deserves, his performance is setting the benchmark for the rest of the potential candidates to aim for.

The Dallas Buyers Club opens in UK&Ireland 7th February 2014 (or 6th December USA),film also stars Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto.

source: Themoviesbox