The Man Who Gave Hollywood A Title, Watch Saul Bass Documentary


In 1995 my then so called career path was born after watching in awe at the beautifully dark title sequences for David Fincher’s Se7en created by Kyle Cooper. Unfortunately 18 years on my path has veered in another direction but my love for design has always stayed with me but we have to go back further and a New York graphic designer who gave Hollywood films a face, Saul Bass. Thanks to (via ThePlaylist) have dug up this superb 55 minute documentary film called ‘Film Champ‘ which celebrates the work of the greatest most influential movie title designer.

Until I really started to appreciate film like a film score I didn’t think twice about the title sequences but Bass has worked on some of the greatest films ever made , his design has enhanced the experience of the film. He has made the titles a real art form making them just an important part of the film as the actual film itself. Saul Bass has worked with the Masters of Cinema Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger to Martin Scorsese to name of a few.

If you are a budding Graphic Designer who wants to expand into film title design you should be studying Saul Bass work and you will appreciate Film Champ as will fans of Bass too.

Saul Bass – Title Champ from Netherhall School on Vimeo.

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