June 8, 2023

The Expendables 3 Cast Expands, Mel Gibson To Play Villain.


Whilst the Twitter battle between Sly Stallone and Bruce Willis continues it seems to overshadow what’s actually happening with The Expendables 3. Whilst the cast main consists of ageing stars, a flurry of younger stars are also been added to the line up like Glen Powell with Antonio Banderas also signing on too.

Heat Vision is reporting the 24 year old newcomer Powell will play a combat veteran who just happens to be a expert hacker and drone pilot too. The young actor recently had a minor role The Dark Knight Rises along with TV roles in CSI Miami, Without Trace however  The Expendables 3 will be his first major Hollywood role. This is probably thanks to Australian director Patrick Hughes who happened to give Powell a major role in his Western Noir Red Hill.

Whilst the recent fluctuation of young ones in the Expendables 3 cast we mustn’t forget this franchise has made it’s name of the star power of the veteran cast and Antonio Banderas is the latest name to sign on the bulleted line. Banderas joins Harrison Ford who joined last week but will Senor Baderas be playing a villain or of Sly’s boys? No one actually knows but what we do know is Mel Gibson will be a villain according to The Wrap , just have look at a tweet Sly Stallone tweeted a few weeks back…

Who else will be joining, we’ll assume not many more so the question is still out, are Nicholas Cage, Jackie Chan, Wesley Snipes or Milla Jovovich be joining? We still don’t know much about what The Expendables 3 plot will be, but there is gossip that Sly &Co will face off against youngblood amongst the cast and with Kellan Lutz, Ronda Rousey,Victor Ortiz, not forgetting Powell that idea may not be that bad of an idea!

The Expendables 3 is about to start filming anytime now so expect the loose ends on casting to be sorted out shortly. The film is scheduled to be released in UK on 15th August 2014.

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