Is it A Book? A film? Play Give Us A Clue With JJ Abrams Mystery Trailer


We all do like a good mystery but even then we have the basic premise of the what the story is about, JJ Abrams has released a trailer for a mystery project, but do you know what it’s about?

This one no one seen it coming a little black and white teaser created by JJ Abrams /Bad Robot productions going under the title of ‘Stranger‘ and it is a strange one! With no plot details plus no idea who the man with the stitched up mouth is. So are we looking at a teaser trailer for a web series? new tv project, a book? or film? Even a Star Wars viral?

Have a look and see what you think…..

It seems it’s a book according a post at via Filmschoolrejects, a book that’s to be released 29th October (at least USA), a book which has been co written by Doug Horst. It seems the title is ‘S’ however with the release only 9 weeks away  the plot is still unknown and even some believe this might still be a cover for some over project. The pair have been writing on this project for a long time with them signing a deal with Little Brown publishers in 2011 but with the so called release coming in October there is no cover and is ‘S’ just a working  title ?

A number of viral marketings including letters, postcards have been sent to certain media outlets  been described as “multilayered literary puzzle of love and adventure,”   and comprising of “ hand-scribbled notes, questions, and confrontations of two readers” that exist “between the pages, online, and in the real world“.They all seem to be cryptic clues and in a postcard from Brazil a postcard from Brazil with a cryptic story about a host family and an ancient, precious nightingale is our only idea what S  is all about . Hopefully soon JJ Abrams will reveal the mystery!

check out the image/postcard Filmschoolrejects got their hands on….


so what do you think? Are you as clueless as we are? Love to know your thoughts, leave them in the comments.

source: Filmschoolrejects

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