FF2013 -They Will Take Us Over, Watch The Conspiracy UK Trailer


Your not paranoid they want to kill you! They will take us over the world we live is sinister but is Elvis still alive? Maybe but  watch the UK trailer For The Conspiracy.

We do love a good conspiracy theory, the darker more sinister they are the better and The Conspiracy might just provide what your looking for. The buzz from the film’s early festival reviews especially 2012 Fantastic Festival have been nothing but fantastic especially as this film is been filed under ‘found footage’ sub-genre which gives us a glimmer of hope left in the overused tired subgenre

The film follows a couple documentary film makers(Aaron Poole & James Gilbert) who track down,a seemingly mad  conspiracy  theorist Terrence(Alan C.Peterson)  suddenly and mysteriously disappears.the two begin to see some unnerving truth in Terrence’s patterns and as they retrace his work, they’re lead into the depths of a terrifyingly powerful secret society, The Tarsus Club.

Check out the film’s official poster which has a list of legendary conspiracy theories who are the The Freemasons? Who killed Kennedy? September 11th who is responsible? Who are the Illuminati and do they own Tesco? Only joking on the last one! Hopefully one theory maybe revealed the one of who are The Taurus Club?

The Conspiracy will be released in UK cinemas 11th October then on DVD, Blu-ray 14th October but if your heading to Film4 Frightfest this month you can catch the film’s UK premier Sunday 25th August (6.45pm)



When two young filmmakers select a crazed conspiracy theorist as the subject of their new work the task seems simple enough: Befriend him, gain his trust, and let the madness speak for itself. But things prove more complicated than that. Despite his street preaching their subject proves to be an articulate and intelligent man. One prone to seeing patterns others do not, yes, but hardly the expected lunatic. Listen long enough and his arguments even start to make an unnerving sort of sense. It’s enough to make them wonder if maybe, somehow, there’s some basis to what he’s saying…

And then he simply disappears. No word. No trace. Just gone.

While one of the filmmaking pair is prepared to walk away the other becomes obsessed. This shouldn’t be possible. People do not just disappear…. unless someone wants them to. What if he was correct? What if he was on the verge of exposing some greater scheme? And what if he was taken? So begins an obsessive effort to reconstruct his work, an effort that points the duo to a high-powered retreat and networking organization for the political and business elite.

Inspired by real conspiracy theories and secret organisations, THE CONSPIRACY is more than just entertainment. It is a sharp, topical commentary of a world in which the most important question is not “What happened?” but “Who is telling us?”

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