Ar-go Gotham Yourself! Ben Affleck Is Confirmed As New Batman!

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Ben AffleckYou never seen this one coming! Since it was confirmed at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con Batman Vs Superman is now officially been made who will play the Dark Knight? Stop all bet’s its Ben Affleck!

The only thing wetter than pornstar in action was the fanboy and girls worldwide at the fantasy prospect that 2 of comic books Goliath’s will collide for Man Of Steel sequel would make any fan weak at the knees. Despite having one of the biggest box office earners in their corner (The Dark Knight Trilogy) D.C Entertainment had t do something drastic as their where lagging behind Marvel in the superhero film stakes but was the move to make Ben Affleck Bruce Wayne aka Batman?

After dawning the superhero cloth in what many critics call the worst ever comicbook movie Daredevil, Affleck’s career has been on the up of resurgence after Argo bigger roles would come and you can’t get any bigger than this one. Ironically after Argo Ben Affleck had been linked to several comic book movie roles mostly behind the camera so you could say there was some element of truth in those rumours not the one that $50 million been offered to Christian Bale to come back.

The news has shocked not just the fans whom many on the social networks have ripped into the news of Ben Affleck’s new position however via Variety who broke the news Zack Snyder is very happy  “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman. He has the acting chops to create a layered portrayal of a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter, but retain the charm that the world sees in billionaire Bruce Wayne,” .

According to official press release Affleck’s Batman will be  “a man who is older and wiser than Clark Kent and bears the scars of a seasoned crime fighter”. Will he become that Jonathan Kent father figure for Superman? Snyder added “Ben provides an interesting counter-balance to Henry’s Superman.” so possibly?

Criticism still continues from cinephiles however take a stepback and look at what people did when Heath Ledger  became The Joker? The rest is history!

As for Batman been in the Man Of Steel 2 eagle eyed fans will have noticed lots of ‘easter eggs’ which indicated the presence of another superhero be it Wayne corporations so its no surprise for movie 2 has the caped crusader. If they pull this one off it should probaby get the ball rolling for another Batman franchise be it re-imaging of Nolan’s world or a older wiser caped crusader. Will this get D.C back into the fold with Marvel, potentially yes but all will be revealed on 17th July 2015 when this film will be released.

source: Variety