Se7en Writer To Write David Fincher’s The Girl With Dragon Tattoo Sequel


Despite the mixed reviews for David Fincher’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Sony have went a little quiet on the sequel front for the film and with David Fincher pulling out of film projects the sequel seems to have taken a step closer to reality. According to The Playlist it seems the sequel has a new writer with Se7en collaborator Andrew Kevin Walker who has been appointed to re-write the script draft written by Steve Zaillian.

Even with this news, this news doesn’t confirm David Fincher will be returning to direct but this could suggest he is still onboard the project in some capacity. The main concern is the crowded scheduling not just for Fincher but the important cast members too like Daniel Craig who plays Mikael Blomkivist. With 2014 already clogging up for Craig with James Bond movie 24 expected to shoot this will probably see Craig busy majority of next year, who also has a play coming up soon too on Broadway starring alongside his wife Rachel Weisz called Betrayal (October to January 2014).At the same Fincher will be working his new project Gone Girl which is apparently in casting with Rosamund Pike front runner to lead the cast.

According to this report Walker has finished his version of the script which is great however Sony are hoping to keep the momentum going on the project but there is a catch. The Girl Who Played With Fire (the sequel’s proper name) Sony hope the filming  early next year but David Fincher will be in the editing suite we assume for several months for Gone Girl’s post production and Daniel Craig will be on Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Bond 24 the window for opportunity to shoot the sequel is very small now. So does this mean the film may not shoot until 2015 or will they opt for another director? Gone Girl project whose timing has angered Sony may now opt to continue the  Millenium Trilogy without Fincher  despite the money they gave him.

There is one film David Fincher won’t be involved in and that’s the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea as it seems the project is dead in the water. After several major blockbusters (John Carter, The Lone Ranger) been major flops for Disney the studio don’t want to make it 3 strikes and your out scenario.There was also the small matter of the film attracting the big lead actor with Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Matt Damon (who declined due to his father’s health) all pulling out none willing to commit to the 140 day shoot down under. But in the same report it seems the project has been dead for several months within The Fincher camp even with the funding coming from the Australian Government but with Gone Girl now on the horizon the 3d Tentpole blockbuster is no more.

Source: ThePlaylist