Life Is Hard Watch New Trailer for The Coen Brothers Inside Llewyn Davis

It’s not an easy world been a Folk Singer especially in a world created by The Coen Brothers as their previous filmography proves things are hard for their protagonists. In Inside Llewyn Davis we transport back to 1960’s Greenwich Village New York, folk music following one man’s struggle to find his place in that scene, watch new trailer.

Inside Llewyn Davies is based on actual folk legend Dave Von Ronk and his memoirs The Mayor Of McDougal Street starring Oscar Isaac as the titular character. With no money, a ex-girlfriend who is pregnant (Carey Mulligan) who hates him with only a tabby cat for company, Llewyn attempts to make his mark on the Greenwich folk scene a career that would go onto to inspire the likes of Bob Dylan.

I’m not scared to admit I’m a latecomer to appreciate the talents of Joel and Ethan Coen Fargo was my introduction though I will say a slight disappointment in True Grit, probably because I’ve never been a fan of Westerns. Inside Llewyn Davies been the first Coen Brothers film since True Grit 2 years previously it’s no surprise it’s now one of the most anticipated films and this trailer encapsulates the tone of the era. Very melancholic, bleak but we also get to meet some of the films other characters (Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman) giving us a little more sense of the plot and if your attracted to the music, the Mumford & Sons song may bring a smile to your face. The film left Cannes Film Festival with glowing reports and many are calling this film one of their finest films in a long time and that’s good for us.

Inside Llewyn Davies now has a UK&Irish release date of 14th January 2014 (USA 6th December) and stars Garret Hedlund, Adam Driver and F. Murray Abraham.

Are you wondering if there’s a UK trailer? The answer is yes!A few weeks Studiocanal released the trailer we apologise for missing this one as it slipped our radar, check it out below…