Josh Brolin Crawls Out The Box In New Spike Lee’s Oldboy

Josh Brolin crawls out the casket box in the official first poster for Spike Lee‘s Oldboy,a remake of the cult 2004 Park Chan-Wook and an image very familiar to fans of the original.

Brolin stars as a  Advertising executive called Joe who on the night of his daughter’s birthday he is kidnapped and held captive for 20 years with any explanation on who is responsible and why. When he is unceremoniously released he gets the help from an social worker (Elizabeth Olsen) to track down an elusive man (Sharlto Copely) wh he believes has the key to all his answers.

The image of Brolin crawling out the casket is very symbolic one which  as is the font style of the poster which is the actor’s own handwriting, we wont say much about all we suggest is watch the 2004 Korean original! What is interesting is the poster actually uses an actual scene from the film instead of the usual composite and who is that in the background in neon colours with an umbrella? Elizabeth Olsen?

The colour scheme of the poster maybe limited but it seems to represent the dark tone of the film with the threatening clouds in the distance suggesting something is brewing. It’s not easy not to be wary of Hollywood remake of a cult classic but from the poster it does suggest despite trying to put his own stamp on Oldboy Spike Lee does seem to be paying homage to the original but how well we’ll find out end of the year or Wednesday when the film’s first trailer arrives online.

Oldboy also stars Elizabeth Olsen and Samuel L. Jackson, with the film arriving in UK&Ireland 6th December (25th October USA)


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