If I Had A Hammer..Watch First Red Band Trailer For Spike Lee’s Oldboy

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Oldboy _josh-brolin_hammer

If your ever going to succeed in remaking Park Chan-Wook’s cult 2004 film Oldboy you have to make it a 18 certificate and embrace the original story and in the first red band trailer alot  looks very familiar.

The question is, how much do you want Spike Lee‘s version to resemble 2004 version? This trailer shows off alot of iconic scenes that fans of the original will recognize especially the early stages right up to the iconic corridor fight (including the famous hammer). It’s the latter part of the trailer that of the trailer that Spike Lee attempts to stamp his on mark on the trailer, but most of all the trailer will grab the attention of fans of the original.

The trailer may not provide anything new  however what some critics are forgetting this is going to be based on the Manga rather than the 2004 film so some of the change maybe subtle but one thing Lee is doing he’s keeping the tone, the violence dark and brutal.Josh Brolin this early on certainly looks the part as for Samuel L Jackson he’ll get his moment and I’m sure the Mother Falkirk* will be flowing like the blood in the film, Sharlto Copely, Elizabeth Olsen we only get glimpses which is fine as we know some intriguing things are in store.

Oldboy is new territory for Lee in pace and genre too, he’s slightly ou of his comfort zone but seems be relishing the challenge and if he pulls it off he’ll certainly win back those critics possibly more. Oldboy arriving in UK&Ireland 6th December(25th October USA) the film also stars Lance ReddickMichael Imperioli, and James Ransone.


falkirk* – Falkirk is a Scottish slang term for F*ck(er)