As Clooney Splits, Sandra Bullock Floats In New Gravity Image

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Gravity - sandra_bullock

You could say Alfonso Cuarón’s sci-fi drama Gravity is brewing nicely like a fine wine carefully teasing our curiosity with a few things at a time first with the trailer now the film’s first image.

Sandra Bullock stars as Dr Ryan Stone a scientist on a mission with veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney) as  whose ship is involved in a mid flight disaster which the pair find themselves in a race against time.

The image shows Sandra Bullock floating around peacefully getting on with her duties and producer David Heyman mentioned the actress had to get herself a level of fitness for the part. Looking at the image she certainly has got herself into perfect shape, visual treat to our eyes which Gravity is boasting wonderful visuals. Cuarón himself said”We wanted to shoot the whole film showing zero gravity with the actors moving in a choreographic way,” with Heyman continuing with “This has never been done before. It was a journey of learning. But it looks pretty darn good.”

If your concerned with the posts title that George Clooney splits don’t despair he hasn’t left Gravity but his girlfriend Stacey Keibler. Gorgeous George had been dating former WWE Diva Keibler for 2 years but the affair had been turning into a lackluster non sexual relationship with Clooney spending more time in Europe whilst Keibler was back in LA. Close friends to the couple had been expecting the new for a while now it’s happened many ladies of the world can dream that George Clooney is single once again.

Gravity will be released in UK on 18th October.