All You Need Is Kill Is Now Edge Of Tomorrow, First Poster Revealed

If you if you think All You Need is Kill is what Tom Cruise wants he’ll now have to go to the Edge Of Tomorrow to get it now! As it expected the gossip was spread online that Tom Cruise hinted via twitter today things are made official Cruise’s Groundhog style Sci-fi war flick gets it’s new Edge Of Tomorrow.

Whilst some people may not like it the new name Edge Of Tomorrow does actually suit the film better even though the original name is the original and it fits well with the time loop part of the film too.

Edge of Tomorrow stars Cruise as Lieutenant Colonel Bill Cage who finds himself dropped into a interplanetary war between the humans and a unknown alien race. The catch is Cage has never seen a day a combat  however when the day comes, that mission can only be described as suicidal and gets killed, which he finds himself dead and in a continous loop . But can Cage learn from those loops and defeat the enemy?

This Thursday San Diego Comic Con kicks-off and Edge Of Tomorrow is one of the films heading to the con and this Saturday’s Warner Bros panel which the first footage from the film will be revealed. For today we get our first look at the film’s comic con poster of a warrior in some really cool battle armor and we assume it’s Cruises character.

Directed by Doug Liman, co-starring  Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Kick Gurry, Dragomir Mrsic, and Charlotte Riley, Edge Of Tomorrow is set for a 30th May 2014 in UK, one week later  in USA.


Source: Warner Bros