Watch Logan Battle With Immorality In New The Wolverine UK Trailer

After the mediocre start to The Wolverine marketing, Fox are doing every they can to prove that The Wolverine is worthy of our time and that the ghost of the first film have been washed away.With the film nearing it’s July release, Tonight we have a brand new UK Trailer and ‘Bub’ it’s a slobber knocking good one!

The Wolverine sees our hero Logan (Hugh Jackman) attempting to make a new life in Japan and a possible chance to become mortal but is this person that promises Logan morality the father of the girl he is now is love with? Trouble always follows our Adamantium hero which will see him confront a life or death battle against an arch nemesis that will change him forever.

With the marketing train about to go into overdrive for the final stretch this new trailer does actually provide us with some more new footage to make it worth your time to watch it. If anything this trailer is probably the best of The Wolverine trailers we’ve seen so far, it’s action packed and expands on the plot especially for Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova) suggesting she’ll have a bigger role to play than previously thought. Everything looks more promising for the film however has James Mangold done enough to heal the wounds from the first film or was it already too late for Logan even before the first even started filming? Whatever you think all will be revealed on 25th July in UK&Ireland and 26th July, USA.

The Wolverine stars  Will Yun Lee, Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tao Okamoto, Hal Yamanouchi

(12th June Update)We’ve just found the first UK TV Spot for The Wolverine check it out below, proving Logan is a ‘hunter’

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