Watch 40 Minute Documentary On Coen Brothers


Whenever you talk about film and great directors these brothers will always crop up in that conversation, The Coen Brothers.When you look back at what they have created you can see why film fans regard them as great directors.

Put aside the dreadful Gambit which the Brothers only wrote recently it’s obvious when the brothers have full artistic control what they deliver is second to none. Starting away back in the 1980’s proving their creative worth with zero budget thriller Blood Simple a film thats set the benchmark for some when creating home invasion films. Fargo, Barton Fink and off course the legendary Big Lebowski and from the early footage From the footage you can see O Brother Where Art Thou? with George Clooney was been made at the time.Hear from the Coen Brothers legendary cinematographer Roger Deakin, Holly Hunter and William H Macy with horrible moustache on his upper lip.

The Playlist have unearthed this BBC documentary from 2000 on youtube and for now it’s available in it’s full glory all 40 minutes which charts the early days of the brother’s work.  Its a short but intriguing look at the brothers and we hear how it takes them a few weeks to write but as you’ll many other scripts lie around  their humble offices, make you wonder which of those scripts have made it to the screen since then?!