Time To Be Dumbass Watch 4 Minute White House Down Trailer

To some there’s nothing better than seeing the symbol of capitalism The White House been blown to smithereens however majority of us sane people will keep  that notion to cinema fiction like in Roland Emmerich‘s White House Down. It’s not Die Hard but it’s looking this year’s dumbest fun summer movie and tonight we have a new trailer which won’t please the owners of America’s Cinemas as it’s 4 minutes long!

Channing Tatum plays John Cale a Secret Service reject come Capitol Hill cop on a tour with his daughter (Joey King) around the White House only to find himself in the middle of a terrorist attack. The situation has left John in a Dilemma his daughter has been taken hostage but should he put his fatherly duties to one side and save the leader of the free world the President (Jamie Foxx)?

Whilst Hostel is regarded as Torture Porn, White House Down must be Green Screen porn but if your game for something popcorn munching brainless fun this film should deliver your fix. No matter how much they’ll deny it Channing Tatum is looking like Emmerich’s own John McCLane, he has the white vest, he takes on all the terrorists on his own in the admist the explosions but the ironic thing is, this looks miles better than A Good Day To Die Hard, Yipee Ki Yeh Melon Farmers and not forgetting Get of the president’s Jordan’s too!

White House Down arrive in UK 6th September (28th June), film stars  Maggie GyllenhaalJason ClarkeRichard Jenkins, Jake Weber, Lance Reddick and James Woods.

source:  Apple

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