Star Power And Intensity Drives The First Teaser For The Counsellor

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The Counsellor_Bardem

The Drugs don’t work but for smug lawyer played by Michael Fassbender they must be working as his cockiness prevails the first official teaser for The Counsellor directed by Ridley Scott.

‘Have You Been bad?’is the question Penelope Cruz asks Fassbender oh he’s been bad, that bad in The Counsellor he finds himself the deep in trouble finding himself in drug trafficking. With the aide of Reiner (Javier Bardem) the pair must get rid of $20 million worth of cocaine mixed in a world of nasty people and as Bardem says in the trailer “You won’t see it coming.”!

Late last night a Russian version of this trailer landed online however the good folks at Fox have sent us over the UK version of the trailer one full of intensity and most of all star power. The one fantastic thing The Counsellor has going for it is it’s cast, which frankly has one of the best ensembled casts you’ll see this year and it’s not just in front of the camera behind it as the film is based on a Cormac McCarthy story. McCarthy is responsible for No Country For Old Men, The Road 2 fantastic films hopefully this one will follow suit with McCarthy also on script duties too.

It feels as if Scott has went back to his roots for this one, back to his Black Rain, Body Of Lies days. The trailer is short but sweet not revealing too much on the plot apart from an introduction to the characters and their personalities which range eccentric (Bardem with a funky hair style) to odd (Brad Pitt). The Counsellor looks gritty, gloomy, even stylish like Oliver Stone ala Traffic and even in the 40 plus seconds we see there’s enough to show why this is one of the most anticipated films of 2013.

The Counsellor is due out in UK&Ireland on 15th November (25th October USA). The film also stars Cameron Diaz, Dean Norris, Rosie Perez, John LeguizamoNatalie Dormer, and Goran Višnjić.

UK Trailer