Sing And Fight In New Video, TV Spot, Clips For World War Z


So how you doing on your stockpiling of tin food and water? House secure? Got protection when the apocalypse arrives in a town near you? Watch a new short TV Spot for World War Z.

It might only be 18 seconds but there is a odd tidbit of new footage but what this spot does is highlights the mayhem, the panic most of all the destruction the zombies are causing.In World War Z it stars Brad Pitt as UN man Gerry Lane not only has hands full trying to figure out what kicked off the pandemic his time is also running out as every minute gone more people become victims of the pandemic. The problem is global and Gerry must leave behind his family as the survival humanity of humanity is in his hands and to show global it is you just have to check the image above of London over flown with the zombies!

After last week’s downtime for the site the first clips from the film where released online. First clip called ‘Broken Mirror’, Gerry and his family witness the beginning of the pandemic and in the second clip ‘Cant Leave My Family’ Gerry is faced with the reality due to his job he has to leave his family behind. In the final video you can chill out and put down your tools for a few moments as you can enjoy the music video from Muse who sing a track from the film called ‘Isolated System‘ which has some footage from the film too.

Starring Brad Pitt,Mirielle Enos, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, Elyes Gabel and David Morse World War Z will be spreading the zombie pandemic at a cinema near you on 21st June 2013.

TV Spot

Film Clips

Music Video

source: Traileraddict

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