Old Friend Terror Returns In First Insidious: Chapter 2 Trailer

Before The Land Of The Rising Sun beckons for James Wan in the 7th Fast&Furious film, he has the unfortunate task of bringing back The Lambert’s old friend terror in Insidious:Chapter 2. The question is who is haunted now ? Dalton? The House? Check out the first trailer now!

Insidious in 2011 became an unexpected hit as well as one of the most profitable movies that year, and a film that did have known stars none however none regarded as A-Listers. It was just a matter of time before we head back to The Lamberts to see how life is after the horrors of the astral dimension called The Furthering and on the evidence of this first look at the sequel it doesn’t look good.

Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne return as Josh and Renei Lambert attempt to move from the terror moving to grandma’s home.However the revelations from the previous film has made the Lambert’s determined to uncover the mysterious childhood secret has left them close to The Furthering.

One thing Iv’e learned from James Wan films it’s best to know as little as possible as the scare factor excels and Insidious: Chapter 2 looks like it’ll have plenty. The creepy white woman, the eerie songs of Row Your Boat and Tiptoe Through The Tulips suggest the unexpected will be delivered once more and it seems Wan has hinted the new film might not be as straight forward with twists within twists.

Intriguing to hear, we’re hiding behind the biggest pillar on our sofa and fingers cross this one won’t just be a cashcow but on the evidence of this trailer this certainly not going to be your bog standard horror. No confirmed release date for UK however American Horrorphiles can get spooked on Friday 13th! That’s 13th September.

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