Liam Neeson Signs To Use His Particular Set Skills Again For Taken 3

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Despite the disappointing, actually dreadful Taken 2 you would think Bryan Mills maybe call it a day on using that particular set of skills however it seems those skills are in demand again. Raking in around $375 million from box office sales like it or not Taken 3 is coming but the question is will it include Liam Neeson? The Answer is Yes.

In interviews for Taken 2 Liam Neeson was very skeptical of Taken 3 been made let alone star him however according to a recent report from Deadline  the power of money looks to have swayed him. It’s been reported the Northern Irish actor has been offered $20 million to use those skills once more for the character which re-invented the actor as an genuine action star. You could say Taken franchise has the same scenario as Bourne Franchise, a Bourne film is not a Bourne film without Matt Damon, so Taken Film is not a Taken Film without Liam Neeson however  whispers have spread that Daddy’s little girl (Maggie Grace) may take over the reigns.

What we know off Taken 3 Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are currently writing the new script, but at this stage no plot details have been revealed. Kamen did state in previous interviews that the formula would mixed up again and take the film in another direction, so will it be the Albanian criminals from the first two films or be some new threat?

If Liam Neeson has signed on, it’s expected Grace and Famke Janssen will follow suit bringing together the Mills clan once more. No word on the director but it is expected Olivier Megaton will be the likely candidate with the filming expected to start in February 2014.

Source: Deadline