Another Slick Trailer For Only God Forgives Slides Online


Despite the mixed vibes from Cannes Film Festival Nicholas Winding Refn‘s Only God Forgives is still high on many cinephile’s most anticipated films to see this year and tonight your appetite will be re-nourished with another slick trailer.

Here in UK we might be just over 2 months to go before this Neon drenched slow burning revenge thriller invades our visual palettes but over on the other side of the Atlantic it arrives next month hence the new trailer. Only God Forgives set in Thailand, Ryan Gosling plays Julian a Thai Boxing club owner in Bangkok a club that’s serves a front for his families drug running. Even is Hunky dory until a ruthless bent cop murders his brother forcing Julian’s acid tongued mother to appear and demand her son seek revenge for his dead brother.

Some of the footage has already been seen in previous trailers & clips but this has enough new brutal footage to make it worth your  2 minutes of your time. The dialogue is minimal the silence ferocious feels just as Savage and domineering of hat comes out of Kristen Scott Thomas lips and once again this shows she will be the film’s resident scene stealer. The word from the street Only God Forgives is one of those unique experience you have to witness first hand to appreciate the visceral richness that will play in front of us. It’s not perfect but it has the makings to be a cut classic in years to come.

Only God Forgives arrive in UK&Ireland on 2nd August 2013 (USA 19th July), the film also stars Yayaying Rhatha Phongam, Vithaya Pansringarm, Tom Burke and Byron Gibson.

source: Yahoo!