All Aboard! Joon-ho Bong’s sci-fi Snowpiercer First Trailer

When it comes to quality over quantity Korean director Bong Joon-ho has certainly been a director of quality and now latest film is ready to go internationally as the first official trailer for Snowpiercer has finally arrived!

Captain America versus Social services as Chris Evans battles Moonrise Kingdom’s Tilda Swinton in a post apocalyptic setting, as the world is plunged into wintry ice-age thanks to a failed experiment to prevent global warming. 99% of the world’s population is killed and those who survive live together on a giant constantly moving train called the Snowpiercer. The train is divided by class the front part the wealthy live in luxury whilst the back the lower class live in squallier cramped conditions, they have had enough and start a revolt lead by Curtis (Evans). The revolution begins!

Based on  French Graphic novel by Jacob Lob &Jean-Marc Rochette called Le Transperceneige Snowpiercer looks looks impressive visually, bleak, grimm, oppressive but it’s hard to take grasp of the tone of the film.The trailer delivers an impression this film maybe action heavy rather than atmospheric though this just could possibly be how the video has been cut and edited, so the true tone of the film may shine hopefully through future trailers. Tilda Swinton looks fantastic , most of all unrecognizable looking a malignant opponent  with her Yorkshire accent which I’m some people may find hard to fathom and I see some American sites are having trouble possible thanks to the heavy handed score.

It will be intriguing to see how Bong Joon-Ho handles his first predominately English language based film but with a fantastic cast on hand of John HurtTilda SwintonJamie BellEd HarrisAlison PillEwen BremnerOctavia Spencer and Song Kang-ho, this may just surprise a few doubters. No word yet on a UK, Irish or US release date The Weinstein Company have picked this one up say a release should be announced shortly. Snowpiercer does open up in Korea on 1st August 2013.

Apologies in the video quality of Snowpiercer trailer once we get a proper HD copy we’ll update this post or create a new post.

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