A-Ha! Alan Partridge Alpha Papa Gets Full Trailer!Jurassic Park!

The Alan Partridge Movie

The voice of North Norfolk radio Alan Partridge finally gets his crack at the big screen and today the film’s full trailer for ‘I Am Siege Face’ aka Alan Partridge:Alpha Papa.

Times are changing at the North Norfolk Digital which find Alan stuck in a middle siege as disgruntled sacked DJ Pat (Colm Meany) decides to make matters into his own hands.Alan must show was he is the stations Premier DJ and become negotiator extraordinaire, Jurassic Park!

Now famous on both sides of the Atlantic Steve Coogan‘s funniest and best creation finally getting the big screen treatment he deserves. There’s very few British creations who can say there popular where it matters whilst the likes of Kieth Lemon, Harry Hill makes you wonder what the true reasons for making the films which will do very little outside UK and actually UK as well as they’ll be ‘A Bag Of Shite’ in the mortal words of one of Coogan’s other characters Paul Calf. One thing we can say Alan Partridge:Alpha Papa certainly doesn’t look like the laughs have not been lost in the transition, the trailer has some classic trademark lines, ‘Welcome To The Big School’!

Alan Partridge:Alpha Papa will be ready to negotiate your laughs when it arrives in UK on 7th August. The extravaganza also stars Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell Martin and Nigel Lindsay

source:MSN Movies