New 2014 Release Date For 300:Rise Of An Empire

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If you are looking forward to a testosterone pumping Summer with action from Sparta’s finest your going to be disappointed that 300:Rise Of An Empire release has now been delayed.

Reasons why there’s a delay we don’t know exactly but Warner Bros have decided to to move from August 2013 original release to a new 7th March 2014 ironically nearly 7 years after 300 was released (9th March 2007). As studios base on American release dates this August is to be the busiest August month ever so to get full benefit hence the move to March next year.

300:Rise Of An Empire picks up right after the event of the first film with Xerxes the Persian God Like king (Rodrigo Santoro) continues his surge into capturing Greece and takes his fight to the Seas. He leaves his assault in the capable hands of his all conquering female Naval commander Artemesia (Eva Green).Greece’s lifeline is left in the hands of Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) who attempts to unite his nation and prevent the aggressive Persian gaining a new country under their ever increasing Empire.

It doesn’t seem to be a good day for comic book films as another film has fallen foul to date changes as Doug Liman‘s All You Need Is Kill starring Tom Cruise. The reason for this move is down to the fact Warner believe this film is an tentpole film and want to give the film the best possible chance to succeed at the box office by moving fro 7th March 2014 slot to 6th June 2014. Here in Blighty and other football loving countries (or soccer if your American) we will get the film 2 weeks earlier on 23rd May 2014 the World Cup from Brazil will be playing!