Cannes 2013: Watch 3 More Clips And Sizzle Reel For Only God Forgives

You have to be living on Mars to know Nicholas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives to be one of 2013 eagerly awaited films and this Wednesday the film will finally make it’s world premier at Cannes Film Festival. After Drive it’s hoping the movie will justify the hype and deliver a film that’s stylish,unscrupulous, intense violently brutal but could it scupper the film winning the Palme D’Or?

Tonight 3 new clips have arrived online delivering more new footage in the stylings of the previous trailers, clips but also show more promise that the film will live up to it’s hype. First 2 clips Kristin Scott Thomas is the star of the show a certain to be in the running for Awards when the season arrives again. The first clip shows the public side of her anger with the second clip her rage demanding her son julien (Ryan Gosling) be a man and avenge his brother’s death with Julien in the final short clip ‘let’s fight’ Chang  the killer of his brother.

Over at The Playlist a sizzle reel apparently shown by Weinstein Company previewing the film. The Reel shows more new footage delivering a sense of family dynamic as Crystal (Scott Thomas) firing a a verbal assault on Julien’s girlfriend, showing whose boss in their family.

Only God Forgives will make its world premier at Cannes Wednesday 22nd May with the UK release date 2nd August.

Clips (NSFW)

Sizzle Reel