A-Ha! Alan Partridge AlphaPapa Teases With New Poster

A-Ha! Whilst the summer is usually full off big action packed blockbusters Norwich’s finest has released a new poster to remind us Alan Partridge: Papa Alpha will released to give our funny bones TLC.

What we’ve seen so far has teased our senses left, right and centre. The teaser trailer did not reveal any of the plot apart Alan’s workplace the radio station is under attack and the poster backs that idea up with a bullet firing through the tea cup, but who is firing the bullets? Most of all what we’ve seen has shown that Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan)brand of humour  will be transfer perfectly to the big screen!

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa will storm into UK&Irish cinemas on 7th August with Colm Meaney, Sean Pertwee, Anna Maxwell Martin and Nigel Lindsay also co-starring.