4 New World War Z TV Spots Remind Us The Zombie Apocalypse Is Coming

world_war_z_posterThe fury of the zombies has been unleashed in the shape of 4 new tv spots for World War Z reminding us the Zombie Apocalypse is coming and we better be ready for it!

For the amount of money spent on the movie there’s been more noise in a monastery than from Paramount’s so called big blockbuster. We know the film has been plagued with problems especially re-shoots, rewrites before the finance  you don’t tend to worry a lot but with a June 21st release date the studio must have some faith in the film as its regarded as a ‘prime’ summer release date. To be truthful what’s worried me is the lack of marketing and what we get seems to be a rehash of what’s gone before. The new spots back that statement up as you’ll need a fine comb toothbrush to find scrapings of new footage fingers crossed the big reveals are been kept for the actual film. World War Z doesn’t look a disaster nor does it look the perfect film but I’m hopeful despite not been the director’s biggest fan (though I enjoyed his last one)

Starring Brad Pitt,Mirielle Enos, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox, James Badge Dale, Elyes Gabel and David Morse World War Z will be spreading the zombie pandemic at a cinema near you on 21st June 2013.


‘Getting Out’

‘World You Know’



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