Watch The Trailer For UK Horror In Fear

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If your attending Sundance London over the weekend you  maybe checking out UK Horror In Fear promising to take home invasion to another level a car! Indie horror promises to bring back some of those scares we’ve been missing in some films recently and now we on the eve of it’s festival’s premiere we have the film’s first official trailer.

Directed by Jeremy Lovering In Fear  tells the tale of an young couple heading to a country retreat to attend  a music festival only  find themselves targets of an unknown terror.

Despite the poor Imdb rating, the film has been grabbing some positive reviews especially from it’s debut back in January at Sundance in USA. The film’s premise makes this one an interesting film to check out and when the main cast themselves  don’t know the outcome (director dripfed the cast the script) it builds up for an intriguing film.

Studiocanal are releasing this film in UK&Ireland on 30th August, no word on USA release just yet. In Fear stars Alice Englert and Iain De caestecker.