Summer Is Doomed Adam Sandler Is Coming With Grown Ups 2 Trailer


Just When you start to look forward to the Summer, it’s ruined before it’s even arrived, yes folks the King of Anti-humour films Adam Sandler is releasing a film, behold First trailer for Grown Ups 2.

The actor who made an art form out of making terrible films, the Tommy Wiseau of comedy Adam Sandler loves to ruin everyone’s plans.whatever you think  film executives still think he’s a cash cow and going by Grown Ups he’s doing enough so the pain and trauma will continue with Grown Ups 2 though Ive still to meet anyone who thought first film was any good.

In Grown Ups 2 Senor Sandler and his merry bunch of friends have all moved back to their charming old town  families included away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Angels LA. But as things start to look up for all the gang  start to venture into old stomping ground they are confronted by the towns young local jocks finding themselves learning alot of new things they never expected.

Like GI Joe Retaliation the sequel does look alot better however overall this has terrible written all over it. To really show you how bad this looks  Taylor Lautner is not even funny but his humour is better than Sandler’s, even funnier than the Deer piss gag. Adam Sandler’s ‘lovechild’ Andy Samberg is a throwback to the old days when people found Sandler funny however a slightly uncomfortable scene.If you happen to be a loyal  Sandler fan plenty of the dick jokes, jokes about fat people are all on show so you’ll be contently satisfied with what you see here.

Grown Ups 2 is set for a 12th July USA release date, thankfully no UK&Irish date confirmed just yet. The film co-stars  Kevin JamesChris RockDavid Spade,Salma HayekMaria BelloMaya RudolphNick Swardson and Patrick Schwarzenegger.

Disclaimer: The People’s Movies takes no responsibility for any trauma or visual damage that may cause you by watching this trailer, seek advise of an intelligent family member or friend on if you should watch or even admit to watching this.