Disney Girls Gone Bad (Spring Breakers)

From princesses to fallen angels… it is no secret that Disney has a bit of a track record for bringing out squeaky clean stars that end up down the party monster route and befriending (and partying with) the likes of Paris Hilton. On a perhaps more work-related note, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are the latest former Disney starts to embrace the wild side, starring in the 18-rated, sex, drugs and violence filled Spring Breakers.

To tie in with its UK release on April 5th, we take a look at highs (see what we did there?) and lows of some of Disney’s once impossibly sweet darlings.

Britney Spears

Good ol’ Britney takes the badge of honour for becoming the first Disney princess to stage a very public meltdown. Starting out in The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992, Spears rose to fame in the late 90s with an explosive start to her pop career, with her first album (1999’s …Baby One More Time) debuting at number 1 in the US charts while she was still only 17-years-old. Fast forward to 2007 however, and you have a tormented Britney going through divorce, various spells in rehab, losing custody of her children, and that notorious shaven head picture. Luckily enough, these days Britney seems to be getting back on track, and following her stint as a judge on The X Factor, she is now getting ready to release her eight studio album.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan made her Disney debut in 1998 with the remake of The Parent Trap, in which she played twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James. The film, a commercial success, saw her on her fast track to stardom, becoming a household name with 2004’s Mean Girls. Since then, Lohan has been arrested twice for DUI (for which she was famously jailed for a staggering 84 minutes), attended numerous AA meetings, had the odd spell in rehab and, more recently, shocked the world by stealing a necklace from a jeweller’s. She was jailed for under five hours for that one, apparently due to overcrowding. In the process of all this, she also managed to befriend fellow celeb and party animal Paris Hilton.

Miley Cyrus

Disney’s most famous dual act was shot into stardom with the launch of the Hannah Montana (otherwise also known as her alter ego) franchise in 2006. The TV show was followed by a 2009 film which cemented her reputation as a teen idol, also thanks in part to a series of successful double-bill tours as Hannah and Miley. How do you derail that? Easy: sexting, nude pics to her boyfriend and video footage of her smoking pot all got leaked to sensational media publicity.

Demi Lovato

Having appeared on Barney & Friends as an infant, the star of Disney’s Camp Rock attracted a lot of media attention after briefly dating Joe Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers fame) in 2010. Following a rather spectacularly dramatic break-up, Lovato punched one of her backing dancers in the face, entered herself into rehab after the incident at the still tender age of 18. No stranger to scandals, one of the things that set her apart from some of her Disney co-stars is the fact that she addressed her issues before allowing them to spiral out of control, admitting full responsibility for them becoming somewhat of a role model in the process.

Selena Gomez / Vanessa Hudgens

Having starred in The Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Gomez and Vanessa will this year be taking a further joint step away from Disney charm into wild, adult superstardom when 18-rated sex, drugs and violence fest Spring Breakers hits UK screens on April 5th. They star as two of a group of four college girls who rob a restaurant to fund their spring break holiday, before being bailed out by a drug dealer who’s looking for them to return the favour. No strangers to media notoriety themselves, Hudgens has had her fair share of scandals (thanks in part to a series of nude pictures being leaked), while Gomez most recently (and rather famously) broke up with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber after a two-year relationship, effectively sending him into a bit of a meltdown that ended up jeopardizing his latest UK tour.

Spring Breakers hits UK cinemas on April 5th