Christmas Day For Criminals Welcome To The Purge, Watch Trailer


Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a society where unemployment is 1%, crime is a all time low, there must be a catch? Yep! Thanks to one night every year crime has its annual ‘Christmas Day’, The Purge.The Premise of the film is absurd but can you survive the night, watch first trailer.

The Purge plot is simple, America is crime free, unemployment is near enough 0 everyone is happy all thanks to one night of the year ‘The Purge‘. Thanks to a Government sanctioned 12 hour night where every criminal activity including murder goes unpunished, no police can be called nor will hospitals help the wounded. Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey live a suburban life with their two kids whom started the lockdown for the night when their son lets in a injured man (Edwin Hodge).Thanks to this they find themselves targeted by a group of masked sociopaths testing the families will to survive as well as how far they will go to protect themselves.

Whilst the idea behind the film is very unrealistic,the bells ring out a Dystopian-esque future with big helpings from David Fincher’s Panic Room and The Strangers. Despite the silliness to everything we do actually like the concept, it’s a cross genre film (sci-fi, horror, thriller)too but the test is how strong is the script as things could get a little limited here. But with the producers behind Insidious and Paranormal Activity directing this, anything can happen.

The Purge also stars Tony Oller,Adelaide Kane, and Max Burkholder. No word on an actual UK&Irish release date but if your in USA 31st May is the day you must survive.

source: Apple

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