Transformers 4 Plot Details Revealed Filming To Start Soon

Like him or hate him he provides what film studios want, money, loads of it!Michael Bay once again is getting ready to gear up for Transformers 4 with filming about to start soon new plot details have been revealed.

Michigan Film Office have released a press release which reveals filming will head to Detroit once again which we last saw in the previous film Dark of The Moon (the big end of film battle scene). This also is where film 4 will kick off revealing that the film will continue where film 3 left off, this is what the press release says about the upcoming film:

Apologies Folks unfortunately for legal reasons we’ve been asked to remove this information by Universal Pictures, once we get the official information we will post it online 

Okay the details as vague but your mind quickly asks despite the assurances from the baymeister Transformers 4 will be different, how different Michael? Cast wise we know Mark Whalberg (next seen in Pain And Gain, Bay’s next film) will lead the all new new human cast though there is rumours Josh Duhamel may make a cameo the link between the trilogies. Irish upstart Jack Reynor (What Richard Did) will be second Human actor both as we’re promised will be joined by a whole new set of Transformers robot to make sure this is a whole new trilogy despite the film now planning to continue where the last one finished.

So who will Whalberg play? possibly or will he be another Witwicky? Due to the type of characters the actor has played our money is on an (ex-) military/police character maybe even crook turn good. When we do get more info we’ll do our best to share it with you but whatever the outcome is, we can expect big flying robots in coregraphed moves causing havoc.

Transformers 4 is scheduled for a 27 June 2014 release date, duck giant flying robots are coming our way!


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