The First UK & US Trailers For The Wolverine Unleashed !



Finally every one’s favourite adamantium superhero Logan, aka  The Wolverine finally has not one but two trailers after a a very long time waiting but we can say it looks worth the wait!

James Mangold directs as Logan (Hugh Jackman) heads to the land of the rising sun Japan to confront his inner demons and start a new life for himself . Whilst there he finds himself falling in love with a local girl but he has a little problem the girl is the daughter of a yakuza, but is this the man who can offer Logan mortal life?

These new trailers are not afraid to show  badass action which is nicely balanced with some drama and Mangold does look like he’s not scared to mix up the origins to put his own stamp on it. We do love what we’ll seeing it is a vast improvement on the disappointing 2009 film actually seeing a character that’s renowned for been tough as nails seems to have a vulnerable side plus is this story suggesting he looses his regeneration powers? Fans of the comic books will be pleased to see this some familiar characters making their on screen debut: Viper (Svetlana Khodchenkova), Silver Samurai (Will Yun Lee) but don’t movie fns there’s a very familiar face from the x-men universe who makes an appearance.

Below is the UK and American trailers both showing similar footage however the US version reveals slightly more spoilerish moments like who the mysterious benefactor who is offering Logan the chance to be mortal again. Check out the new images and poster amongst the goodies!

The Wolverine will arrive in UK&Ireland 25th July (my birthday!) co-starring Rila Fukushima, Hiroyuki Sanada, Tao Okamoto, Hal Yamanouchi

The Wolverine UK Trailer

The Wolverine USA Trailer


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