Brand New The Hunger Games:Catching Fire ‘Character’ Posters

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So where has The Hunger Games:Catching Fire promotion went too? After weeks gossiping on who was or wasn’t going to be in the  2013 Sequel things have went silent until now as we have the first character posters showing off familiar characters.

This November we head back to  Panem and the first issue of Capital Couture and we get a first look at two of the city’s more colourful characters Effie Trinkett (Elizabeth Banks) and Caesar Flickerman (Stanley Tucci). As you can see Miss Trinkett’s wardrobe is as outlandish as for Mr Flickerman looking as vibrant as ever as everyone’s favourite The Hunger Games host.Anyone concerned that new director Francis Lawrence may not keep the momentum going for Catching Fire, these posters proof there’s nothing concerned about.

The Propaganda side of things of the posters are typical Panem and you can see that in the other 2 posters of Peeta & Katniss (Josh Hutcherson & Jennifer Lawrence) in the victory posters celebrating their victorious win at the 74th Games.But they really have to watch themselves as President Snow does not like to be shown up so on their victory tour they’ll watch their back!