Twilight Fan Fiction Beautiful Bastard To Become A Movie

beautiful_bastard_bookJust when you thought it was safe to say no more Twilight a steamy little inspired fan fiction Beautiful Bastard released today in USA has now been picked and is to become a movie! Thanks to the likes of Fifty Shades Of Grey the erotic novel  seems to be spreading like wildfire with that books rights been grabbed by Universal Pictures and now Constantin Film have nabbed the rights to Christina Lauren ( pen name of writers Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) of Beautiful Bastard a Twilight Fan fiction better know to fans as The Office.

The Office was originally published in 2009 nothing to do with the Ricky Gervais series but now the story has been tweaked, updated with the new title follows the story of student turned intern Chloe Mills who joins a large media company. The company is ran by Bennett Ryan who is blunt, arrogant but Chloe becomes his assistant  and has a affair with him. If Fifty Shades Of Grey is for the mums of the world, Beautiful Bastard is going to be the young adult version for the daughters especially Twihard daughters. I’ve never read Fifty shades but reading up on the books synopsis Beautiful Bastard are similar but a chance for Twihards to have naughty fantasy with Edward or Jacob type character may just be getting a few fans wet under the collar.

So whose the master brain behind project, oddly enough its the producer behind Resident Evil movies, Pandorum, Death Race, The Hole Jermey Bolt who you can see from some of his film credits ‘excite’ us to the rafters(sarcastic punt). Maybe not the brightest spark neither was the film maker who said Taylor Lautner was the new Marlon Brando either before his acclaimed flop Abduction. So is Hollywood missing the 1990’s the steamy erotic disasters such as Body of Evidence? It looks like they think we are or have they forgotten in the past 2 decades a certain thing called the internet provides those merchant banking services already?

Beautiful Bastard is available now on Kindle in UK and Paperback 28th March.

source: THR